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Music has been more important to my life than I could ever explain. If a girl would break my heart, I'd pick up the guitar and play full of anger and bitternes... an hour later I'm Playing "I'm Walking on Sunshine" Happy as a Lark. Well that may be an over simplified version of how it has enhanced my life but it sure helped keep my sanity!

Early Years: As soon as any form of Choir or Band was offered at school, I signed up! Stayed in choir all thought High School and even received an invite to join the Cleveland Boys Choir (a real honor that I passed up to continue baseball...). Spent a short time with the Violin and the Clarinet (didn't have the lungs for that) but then a caring brother gave me a guitar! School continued with Jazz bands and various projects.

Early Pro: at 14, just jamming or starting a band was the greatest thing on earth. At 15 I was playing clubs regularly (don't tell Mom) which lead to gigs at local Ohio hotspots Like the Agora, The Pirates Cove and The Bank in Akron and also lead to gig at the world famous CBGB's in NY. Fun Times!

80's and 90's: Moved to Georgia and found the music scene exciting. Quickly started a project that played as a cover band and an originals band, Same band, two different names. This lead to many gigs, countless frat parties, The Metroplex, The Masquerade, Sky Valley, Charlie Magruders and even 7,000 Eastern Airline strikers. Fun times again. BUT the record deal never came although we did put out 2 independant releases that I am very proud of. Also owned and operated a recording studio during this time

Recent: A long running, seemingly unstopable 5 piece HIGH energy Rock and Roll cover band came to an end after 5 years. This group played 2-4 times per week with 4 part harmonies. Playing nearly everywhere to play in Ga. including Turner Field (Braves Stadium) and several times at the the largest nightclub in the US, Wild Bills. Several tours in the South East were successfull too.

Current: Lots of stuff going on. I am blessed to be in a position to do many things. Solo and Duo projects, Full bands and even a projects are up and running. Need a jingle made, score for a movie, custom song for your girl? I'm your guy for that too.

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